Unity Manufacturing was founded in Garland, Texas in 1970 by Richard Buferd Sr. and his son, Rick Buferd, on the cornerstone of providing excellent customer service.

Unity’s ability to exceed the expectations of our first few customers promoted our reputation as a reliable resource, and lead to product line expansion throughout the 1970s. Our steadfast commitment to delivering on our word rapidly distinguished Unity from the competition and has enabled Unity to achieve sustainable growth over the years. Early expansion in the South Texas market in the late 1970s forged new customer relationships in Houston and Austin – many of them still thriving today.



Rick’s willingness to invest capital at Unity’s original location at 549 N 5th Street brought another decade of growth throughout the 1980s with expansion in to the neighboring Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arizona markets.



In 1990, Unity introduced power-coating technology for its Type 1 and 3R electrical enclosures, making us one of the first manufacturers in the Unity States to offer this superior finish. This innovation enchanted the quality of our product by improving durability, cost efficiency, and environmental impact, compared to the toxic, solvent-based paint that had been the standard across the industry.

In 1992, Unity expanded again and moved to our current location at 210 E Buckingham Rd. The decision to keep our operations based in Garland was not accidental. The City of Garland and its Chamber of Commerce’s strong commitment to fostering the manufacturing community made the city an ideal place for Unity.

The new manufacturing plant boasted more than 120,000 square feet of production, warehouse, and office space, increasing Unity’s capacity to meet ever-growing demand. Soon thereafter, Unity installed a new, state-of-the-art powder coating system, enabling the company to offer a broader range of standard powder coat colors as well as custom powder coating capability.

Demand for specialized products led to an increased focus on enhancing flexibility to produce engineered to order solutions. From simple modifications to custom engineered solutions, Unity’s team of product engineers has become a valued customer resource.


2000 - Today

In 2001, Unity further expanded its operation by acquiring what would become a dedicated inventory and distribution center in Cleveland, Ohio. This move allowed the company to better serve the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States, and was an important milestone in broadening the company’s distribution network.

In the 2000s, Unity expanded its leadership team to include Rick’s nephew, Cullen York and Rick’s son, Richard Buferd III. Cullen began working for Unity in 2001, with a primary role in shipping and inventory management, eventually becoming Chief Operating Officer. Richard joined the company in 2009 as Controller, and soon became Chief Financial Officer. In 2014, Wayne Goodwin joined the company as its first Chief Marketing Officer. In 2015, Richard took on the new role of Chief Executive Officer. Together, Richard, Cullen and Wayne have worked to shape Unity’s strategic vision for the future and reinvigorate the company culture.

Today, the Unity team is comprised of nearly 100 employees, including several that have been with us since that first day in 1970. 

There have been many changes as our company has grown over the last few decades, but our core values remain the same — Safety, Quality, Integrity, Innovation and Flexibility. Our entire team recognizes that our commitment to these core values is critical to Unity’s success, and to achieve our ultimate goal of providing an unrivaled customer experience.

More than anything, Unity invests in our greatest asset — our employees.  In fact, our average employee tenure is 12+ years. We seek to empower our employees by providing them with a safe and enjoyable work environment, and instilling a desire to provide an unrivaled customer experience.