• Light-duty hasp and staple
  • 3-1/2" Stainless Steel Hasp
  • Padlockable, zinc-plated pull down hasp
  • Padlockable, zinc-plated pull down hasp
  • 1/4-turn screwdriver turn latch
  • Inner door 1/4-turn knob
  • Zinc die cast cam lock
  • Stainless steel pad locking handle
  • Non-locking, 90º Turn T-Handle
  • Key-locking, 90° Turn T-Handle
  • Complete door hardware set with 3 pt lock mechanism
  • Multiple sizes available based on size of enclosure
  • 1/4-turn wing knob latch
  • Padlockable thumb turn latch
  • Accepts multiple padlock sizes
  • Left-hand panel board latch
  • Right-hand version available upon request
  • Stainless steel tamper-resistant button head cap screw
  • Pin-In-Hex Socket drive type
  • Sockets available, please contact your local sales respresentative
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